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Online Lessons

Grow as a musician from the comfort of your own home!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I will be offering lessons virtually to ensure the safety of myself, students, and their families.

All you'll need is:

  1.  A computer with a reliable mic and webcam (smartphones and tablets also work, but a computer is best)

  2.  A reliable internet connection

  3.  Zoom video conferencing software downloaded on your computer (it’s FREE!)

  4.  A working flute

  5.  A desire to learn!

So, what will the lesson be like?

  1.  I send you a link to your Zoom lesson at least 12 hours in advance

  2.  You join the Zoom meeting at the time we’ve agreed upon

  3.  If this is your first lesson, we spend the first 5-10 minutes adjusting the audio settings on your device to the optimal settings for flute playing

  4.  We spend the rest of your lesson helping you grow as a flutist and musician, the same way we would in person!

Don't let the pandemic hurt your progress.

Sign up for your FREE trial lesson today!

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