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You get way more than a weekly lesson when you join the Bradshaw Flute Studio!

These perks include:

  • A supportive community of flute friends!

  • The Back To School Icebreaker Party where you get to hang out with your studiomates while eating snacks, playing fun games, and sight reading flute choir music!

  • Field Trips to see the Chicago Symphony Orchestra (how lucky are we to have the best orchestra in the world in our backyard!)

  • The Fluter, a triannual newsletter keeping you up to date on upcoming events in the studio as well as outside playing and learning opportunities

  • Participating in our two annual studio recitals

    • Winter Solo Recital Spectacular - This is the perfect chance to play your Solo & Ensemble for friends and family!

    • Spring Chamber Music Celebration - Nothing’s more fun than playing music with your friends!

  • Opportunities to perform in the community at retirement homes and other local venues

  • Weekly supplemental assignments that let you dive deeper into topics covered in lessons (this ranges from learning more about Mozart to studying legendary recordings) 

  • An annual instrument demo delivery where you can test out flutes and buy one if you find the one 

  • An annual mock audition seminar! You’ll get to experience playing your audition, sitting behind the judges screen while you listen to your studiomates, and develop strategies for managing performance anxiety!

  • Guest Masterclasses with professional flutists like Stephanie Hedgedus of the Flint Symphony

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