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How did I become a flute teacher?

Over the past decade, I’ve taught private lessons, group lessons, and sectionals with students of all ages, but how did I get here? My musical journey started in the most bizarre way imaginable: peer pressure! 


I was in sixth grade at a new middle school, with a freshly formed friend group, and everyone in my new circle decided to join band the next semester. The rest of the group had known each other since elementary school, leaving me as the outsider, so naturally, I signed up for band to help cement myself into the clique. At instrument demo night, I tried every single instrument and could only get a sound out of the flute. Needless to say, I had a pretty easy choice.


Within weeks of that semester, I felt a tight bond with everyone in band. I had never experienced a sense of community with such a large, diverse group of people, all built upon a common interest. I was hooked!

But there was one little problem…  I was terrible at the flute.


I could only get a sound out half of the time, I constantly felt out of breath, and the whole concept of tonguing was an absolute mystery to me. Unsurprisingly, I was frustrated - not to mention I was last chair!


I wanted to get better, but didn’t know how, so I started taking lessons.


This was a huge turning point for me. My first flute teacher taught with kindness, quirk, and compassion. She saw my potential and pushed me to fulfill it. The next year I earned first chair, got a superior at Solo & Ensemble, and got into All-County. By the end of high school I had played a full length recital, made All-State Orchestra on piccolo, and won a flute scholarship.


All this to say; the right teacher can change everything! 

I went from half-heartedly playing the flute to devoting my life to music. 


I went on to get a bachelor’s and master’s degree in flute performance at two of the top music schools in the country: the University of Miami and Indiana University respectively. I’ve also had the opportunity to play for my flute heroes in masterclasses, as well as travel the world with top notch summer festivals, meeting new friends from all over. Now I’m excited to share what I’ve learned over the past 13 years with the next generation of flute players!

Check out some of the musical adventures I've had through the years!

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What happens in lessons?

I didn't start out as a polished professional musician; it took years of life changing experiences. 

 Awkwardness aside, you can tell I was REALLY happy to be in band.

I'm still a little awkward, but here I am in 2017 with my Bachelor's degree.

What makes the studio special?

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